New OTK Cheras welcomes gamers – 16 Sep 2011

BGC’s new meetup place (also called OTK Cheras) opened its doors to welcome our gamers at 2pm last Friday and they stayed till 8:30 am the following Saturday. Almost 19 hrs of gaming saw the following in action: Modern Art, first play of Eaten by Zombies, The Message, Havoc, Toc Toc Woodman, Samurai, Blokus, Cargo Noir, Warhammer Invasion, Pandemic, Glory to Colorful Rome, Troyes, Havana, 1889 Shikoku Japan and DUNE. Thanks to all who made this happened!

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Our journey in pictures…

Our journey in pictures… I’d started out meaning to write two articles; one is an About Us page and the other is a summary of activities we’d done for last year (meant for the upcoming newsletter). For the activity summary, I was thinking of using photos to visualize the article.   One thing led to […]

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An Interview with a Vampire… sorry, Lord of Midnite… oops I mean Boardgameca

The first prompt was made months back when Hiew (of the popular Hiew’s Boardgame Blog) asked if I’m interested to answer some questions he has regarding the online boardgaming business, the local market and about organizing boardgame meetups. Sure, why not? :P

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CITADELS M'sia Edition

Citadels Edisi Malaysia

What’s Silver, has King, Thief and Assassin in it, and now speaks Bahasa Malaysia? is setting another marker in the local boardgaming scene by announcing our first Malaysian Edition of a top-selling card game from Fantasy Flight Games!

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BGC Boardgame Retreat 2013 aka Essen in Green

The 3rd iteration of our signature event, the BGC Boardgame Retreat, saw us hosting it at one of the greenest resort and with seven tables of 28 gamers, we were expecting to play thru 40 different games over two days, most of them Essen Spiel 2013 releases. Read on to find out what’s Game Zero.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 13/6/2014 – ZOMBIE NIGHT

It was Friday the 13th so you expect only Zombies & Ghouls to visit OTK. Time to bring out the Z-games – Eaten by Zombies!, The Walking Dead, Carnival Zombie and Betrayal at the House on the Hill all seeing play tonight.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 6/6/2014 – TRAINS NIGHT

Been awhile since we got some trains & railroad games to the table so TRAINS Nite it is for tonite. There’ll be no shortage of games for this theme.. except what do you want to see on the table? Read on to see whether we think AGE OF STEAM or STEAM is the more brutal version of the game.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 18/4/2014 – ALEA NIGHT

With 15 game titles in its list, the ALEA Big Box series became the source of inspiration for our meetup. Read on to find out which 8 ALEA titles we played tonight and which one is Stefan Feld’s Party Game.

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tj201404061339-1.jpg TableTop Day 2014 Promo

To celebrate TableTop Day and to encourage everyone to continue playing boardgames long after this weekend is gone, is running a short one-week promo (also coinciding with our latest arrivals). No membership fee required to enjoy these deals.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 10/1/2014 – First play of Wildcatters

The 2nd part of our sessrep for 10/1 where we did our first play of WILDCATTERS from Rass Games. Find out what it takes to be an oil tycoon in the turbulent 19th century.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 10/1/2014 – Archipelago & Artifact

Heavy coop ARCHIPELAGO was in play along other lighter games like BLACK SPY, ALHAMBRA and the exciting & tense JUNGLE TREASURE from Haba. The main course of the evening would be White Goblin’s ARTIFACT and Rass Game WILDCATTERS.

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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 28/2/2014 – Elasund, Eldritch and Scepter of Zavandor

A night of light-medium & fun games with RA, 7 Wonders, Infinite City, Pick-a-Dog and King of Tokyo getting around the tables. We also have a group’s first play of ELDRITCH HORROR, a revisit to the First City of Catan in ELASUND and we ended with an old fave of economic-magic of SCEPTER OF ZAVANDOR.

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