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BGC Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 27/8/2011

As we look to transition from Old Town Kopitiam to new OTK, another Friday evening was well spent with the first play of ERUPTION (lava flow anyone?) and IMPERIAL being the main course. Innovation, Nightfall, 7 Wonders with Leaders, Kaigan were also seen on the tables.

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BGC Cheras Meetup Report 17/6/2011 – Navegador, Ticket to Ride, Carson City, Leaping Lemmings, Havoc, Antike

An evening where the BGC Retreat participants gathered for a post-retreat meetup with NAVEGADOR seeing play as our FIRST PLAY promo game, and it’s forefather ANTIKE also introduced to another group. Return of some old favorite gateway games like TICKET TO RIDE and HAVOC plus CARSON CITY and LEAPING LEMMINGS rounded up the evening.

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BGC OTK Cheras Meetup Report 8/4/11 – Battlestar Galactica (Exodus), Power Grid: Russia, Citadels, FITS, 7 Wonders, Sneak & Snitches, Race for the Galaxy, Homesteaders, Navegador, Mines of Zavandor, Carcassonne, Nightfall.

The OTK meetups continued to grow with 5 tables during R1 and 4 tables in R2! The Hacans were so curious about the OTK sessions they sent their Queen the Merciful to come look-see for shark food! On this nite, we appointed two Russian Power Grid Tsars. Other games in-play were Battlestar Galactica (Exodus), Power Grid: Russia, Citadels, FITS, 7 Wonders, Sneak & Snitches, Race for the Galaxy, Homesteaders, Navegador, Mines of Zavandor, Carcassonne, Nightfall.

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BGC OTK Cheras Meetup Report 18/3/11 – Forbidden Island, Hansa Teutonica, Navegador, Horse Fever, Speicherstadt, Boom Town

Another good meetup at OTK seeing games like Hansa Teutonica, Forbidden Island, Horse Fever, Navegador and the introduction of new games that are hard-to-pronounce, The Speicherstadt. Boom Town, an old fave also made an appearance!

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BGC OTK Cheras Meetup Report 11/3/11 – Age of Empires 3, Power Grid China, Navegador

Boardgamecafe.net Meetup Report @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras 11/3/2011 By jack208   EXCERPT An evening of exploration started with Age of Empires III and then followed by the latest rondel game NAVEGADOR. Power Grid China was also taken out for a preview (with the Power Grid Qualifier ongoing).   Gamers: Caleb, Ken, Zavier, Teddy, Lee […]

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BGC OTK Cheras Meetup Report 4/3/11 – Power Grid Germany, Hansa Teutonica, Bang!, K2, Ascension, Glen More, Long Shot, Caylus, Le Havre, Vinhos

With the Power Grid Tournament a week away, you can bet to see Power Grid in play with Hansa Teutonica also make a reappearance. We have two tables for R2 with Le Havre & Vinhos, an economic game about the Portuguese wine trading business. OTK also has the distinction of hosting three gamers from Europe for our R2; a Spanish, an Italian and a Hungarian!

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BGC OTK Cheras Meetup Report 25/2/11 – Hey That’s My Fish!, 10 Days in Asia, Samurai

One OTK Meetup where jack208’s not in town saw some light games on the tables, including Hey, That’s My Fish! 10 Days in Asia and Samurai.

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1st M’sian Power Grid Tournament

The first POWER GRID Tournament in M’sia starts next Sunday (Mar13) with the first leg being kicked off at Boardgame Depot, Lucky Garden Bangsar and will continue over the next few weeks at Cassian Kitchen, Family Boardgame Station, Wolf Game Shop, and OTK Cheras. Are you ready to see if you can built your power plant empire better than the rest?

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